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    The Rules Must Read.....Welcome to the Duel Academy forum, wetry our hardest to keep this place clean seeing as how this is achildren based game, meaning children to attend the forum. This meansrules are set for the protection of all members, everyone is expectedto follow these rules, and they apply everywhere on the forum. Guidelines Read the Announcements and Important topics. Mostof the sub-forums have stuck topics which usually have rules(important), FAQs or other commonly used service, and topics that arepopular. Make sure you look through each one of these before posting anew topic. Use proper grammer Use proper grammar whenyou can: This is a major plus. If you use proper English grammar, thenit’s more likely that people will take you seriously. Using “netspeak”is not recommended, it also makes it harder for other people tounderstand you. Use common sense: Remember, this is theInternet. Make good judgment calls on what to take seriously, askquestions when you don’t understand what’s going on, and make sure toread posts so you’re not going into a topic blind. However, at the sametoken, don’t act stupid, don’t assume everyone is nice, and don’t actlike this a perfect place. Be patient: Allow a reasonableamount of time for something to happen. If you’re posting a question,don’t expect an answer within five minutes. Do not post right afteryour post whining that nobody’s replied especially. This results in aspam, double post, and possible a bump infraction. 1- Usernames *Usernamesthat involve sexual,promotional,illegal, or offensive slurs will bechanged and removed right away. We do not tolerate this sort of thing * Usernames may not have excessive ! or ? characters. * Usernames may not exceed 32 characters. 2- Advertising and Signatures *Advertising is only permitted in your signatures *Advertisements may not promote sexual,offensive,illegal or pornigraphic websites *Advertisements may not be spammy *Do not tell members to look at your signature when advertisements are placed. This is a form of advertisement * These rules apply for avatars as well. * No more than 3 links may be posted for outside events in your signature. * Signatures may not exceed 400 x 300 pixels. 3- Posting *Do not bash,flame,troll, or insult any members on this forum *Do not spam post anywhere but in The Dump. Spam = Stupid Pointless and Meaningless * Do not post multiple topics in a row *Do not type in huge or obnoxious fonts. This counts as spam *Stay on topic when posting, make sure you dont get to out of hand or you will be dealt with accordingly *Do not post topics or replies with similar information *Do not abuse smilies *Limit the use of foul language *We are all free to our own opinions, but if they break Rules they are not welcome *Small words like ass, pissed, crap are aloud here, however the biggerwords are blanked out due to this being a family friendly website, ifyou swear our word censors will pick it up, if we miss a wordimmediately report it to an Admin. * Don't swear then claim to 'test' our filters *Do not post violent, sexual,drug,alcohol,violent or cigarette promotingpictures anywhere on this site This rule also stretches to links ofimages.. If a staff member see's this you will receive a block warningand the images will be deleted *Do not constantly post in yourtopic to raise it to the top of the board. This is known as 'bumping'.Bumping is aloud every 6 hours. *Posting in topics older than 30days to get your post count up is against the rules. If a topic isolder than 30 days you may make the same topic, which prevents oldtopics from being revived.
4- Do not Mini Mod. *Mini Modding is when you as a member take it upon yourself to over rule other members who are breaking rules. *Most members think this will get them to become a mod, this infact is considered sucking up and doesn't work *Mini modding will only get you in trouble. Ignore when others break rules and simply report it. 5- Personal Messages *All posting rules apply were applicable. Do not make or send chain PMs *Report PMs by forwarding the PM to a moderator, but make sure the subject is obvious 6- Respect for Authority *Do not disrespect a mod or admin, action will be taken against you *Talk to another mod if you want to contest another mod’s action *Do not ask how to become a mod or admin *Do not whine to a mod or admin about an infraction 7- Bans *Do not evade bans *Do not give your account to a banned member *Do not rally for someone who’s been banned to be unbanned 8- Shoutbox * Outside links are aloud provided they do not advertise a forum or website with a forum. *All links must follow Board Rules * Rickrolls = instant shoutbox ban * Shoutbox is governed under Board Rules Extra Precautions *Warningblocks occur when you bypass a verbal warning from a staff member.Warning blocks are distributed by 20% per block. If at anytime yourwarning reaches 100% you will be banned from the forum. Warning blocksdo not come off unless an admin decides to do so. *Not as badas a ban, suspensions keep you from posting in the forum for a setamount of time. If you are suspended from the forum it will be becauseof one of the following reasons -- You have caused a big rucus, Yourwarning blocks have gone up 60% + in one day, Youve broken multiplerules, Staff members dont like the way your acting Do notthreaten us with leaving if you think we are unfair or mean. We try ourhardest to enforce the rules. If you receive a warning and want toleave we simply do not care.9- Credits :In The Future We Will Talk About What is For The Credits Now Each Group Will Take A Number Of The Credits :New Member : 100 Credits.Red Slifer : 100 Credits (As New Members)Yellow Râ : 200 Credits.Blue Obelisk : 300 Credits.Dark Duelists : 500 Credits + Some Spécial Efeect That The Other Dorms Don't Have.Tester Prof : 1000 Credits + Can Be Mods Of Some Forums.Moderator : 2000 CreditsAnd Each Time You Post 100 Credits Ask An Admin For Add 100 Credits For You. By The Way 100 Posts Then You Get 100 Credits.10- Change Position :Now We Will Talk About How To Move From A Group To Another Group EX : Move From Red Slifer To Yellow Râ : Well......I Will Give ome Example For Be Clear Here We Go.....For Move From New Member To A One From The Three Dorms Of Course You Must Passed By A Test From An Admin - Mod - Or A Tester Prof :Now For Dorms Moving :For Move From Slifer Red To Râ Yellow You Must Pay 150 D.K And 300 Credits.For Move From Râ Yellow To Blue Obelisk You Must Pay 300 D.K And 500 Credits.For Move From Blue Obelisk To Dark Duelist You Must Pay 500 D.K And 800 Credits + Accept From Admins.For Move From A Dark Duelist To Tester Prof You Must Pay 800 D.K And 1300 Credits + Accept From AdminsAnd At The End For Move From Tester Prof And Be Mod Must Pay 1000 D.K And 2000 Credits + Accept From Admins. And Without Paing Credits or D.K.... Admins Can Change The Opisition Of A Player If They See His Level Is Going Up.My Name In KCVDS Is : SongokuIf There is Some Rules Must Add I Will Add It Soon.That's All For Now~Aster Phoenix~[/list]

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