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    EXH: The legacy of Perfection

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    EXH: The legacy of Perfection Empty EXH: The legacy of Perfection

    Post by Headcase on Sun 8 Feb - 9:53

    EXH: The legacy of Perfection Tg

    Team Exiled Hunters
    The combination of The former Number one Team Bounty Hunters, and the Most Recent number one team, Team Exile.

    Bringing together the best of two worlds, we have formed the peak of dueling teams. The processes of applying are the same, starting with an application on the Outreach site, followed by a waiting process where the user gets to know the clan, lastly ended with a vote by all users to accept or decline the applicant.

    To be a part of the best requires Unity, and that's what Team Exile has always brought to the table. To be the best, you have surround yourself with the best. By joining Team Exile you surround yourself with the people who helped make Team Exile and Team Bounty Hunter the number one ranked team, respectively.

    EXH hosts many open tourneys for anyone who wishes to duel, all of which on our outreach site. We also have internal Tournaments for members only. We share decks, and brag about our wins against other team, all on the exclusive member only site.

    To be in EXH is one of the most honorable titles available, and the {EXH} Tags you wear in Hamachi is your personal badge to show that you belong to nothing less than the best.

    Respected, Feared and Honored
    Team Exiled Hunters

    I am no longer the Anti Hero
    No matter your side, your an enemy
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