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    The first of its kind: Rainbow Dominus City

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    The first of its kind: Rainbow Dominus City Empty The first of its kind: Rainbow Dominus City

    Post by Dart Dragoon Fri 27 Feb - 3:19

    I think your thread needs a little adjusting for this one xD

    A while back I had started a unique project, nothing like KCVDS and DMU mind you all...but a new kind of category in which all members could be one big happy society, a place where people could learn from each other and give rise to a more refined society. Thus was born Rainbow Dominus, the first CIty of its kind (besides BC of course xP)
    You can do practically anything you want here, from playing online games to challenging other duelists. Our setup is such that you may interact with other people and share your own thoughts and achievements at the same time, and even get rewarded for doing so! Our automated Store consists of an indispensible variety of YGO goods, from cards to Duel Disks! The Bank is your way of earning more Credits and the rest of it is all in the forum in itself!
    The City also aims to forging relationships between Teams,Academies and other Cities for healthier activity, and therefore we open our representative offices to anyone willing to become a mediator between the City and the interested Team/Academy/City.

    I hope to see members from this wonderful Academy indulging themselves in activity soon Smile *click on Logo to enter*

    The first of its kind: Rainbow Dominus City 220lw9

    Any and all questions are welcome Smile

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