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    Headcase Application

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    Headcase Application Empty Headcase Application

    Post by Headcase on Sun 8 Feb - 10:15

    Name: Headcase

    What are you applying for?:
    Moderator....or whatever I can provide the most help in.

    Why do you think you can take it?
    Experience with the job.

    What's your experiences:

    Creator and Admin of HSoHK,

    Creator and Leader of #1 Team Exile Hunters

    Former Head Admin and Founding Member of #1 Forum Duel Kings (Recognized as Best Tournament Host On DK)

    Admin of BCTAU

    Artist and Lead Reporter of Rainbow Dominius

    Member of the Elite "Graphic Six"

    Admin of Scholars Duel Academy

    Former Admin of EJ's Duel Academy

    Member of the Revolutionary and exclusive MxSx

    I am no longer the Anti Hero
    No matter your side, your an enemy
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    Headcase Application Empty Re: Headcase Application

    Post by Ahmed on Mon 16 Feb - 8:10

    Already accepted.

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